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IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Disposal

Here at Computer Disposal Experts, where we take the responsibility of handling your equipment seriously.

Once your equipment reaches our secure facility, we initiate a comprehensive process. First, we conduct a thorough asset report, providing you with detailed insights into the items received (click here for more information on this). Subsequently, all hard drives are meticulously removed and subjected to data destruction measures to ensure the security of your information (click here for more information on this).

At Computer Disposal Experts, we are committed to minimizing collection costs and environmental impact. To achieve this, we prioritize reuse before recycling. Our skilled technicians diligently refurbish equipment, striving to keep as much as possible within the usable chain.

Each piece of equipment undergoes a grading process based on its working condition and specifications. Depending on these factors, items are either refurbished for resale or directed towards further recycling.

We boast a variety of resale avenues, wherein computers, servers, laptops, and tablets are professionally refurbished and presented for resale as complete units. For items with higher value, we may conduct testing before opting for component-level stripping, aligning with our Zero landfill target and ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

At Computer Disposal Experts, your equipment is in capable hands, and our commitment to responsible handling and environmental consciousness sets us apart in the industry. Combine this dedication with our impressive average 5-day turnaround time for all documentation, and it's evident why we consistently receive high ratings.

IT Asset Disposal